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this is where your jacking off and when you climax your so into it with your eyes rolled in the back of your head, you know you felt the jizz shoot from your dick but now you cant find where it went. and your frantically searching everywhere because you dont want your parents to accidentally find it.
phantom jizz
by 02tacomaman May 26, 2011
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No not ectoplasm, but this is when your cum runs down your arm or hand and you wash it off, then you feel it dried after trying to clean it off.You can feel a dry path od were your cum was.This probably won't come up in conversations....
Kid thinking to himself," Oh shit I just showered but I still feel my phantom jizz, I need to wash my arm again."
by goodduck4 June 28, 2014
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Phantom Jizz is when you reach the pinnacle of your session and you ejaculate, except when you look down, the jizz is nowhere to be seen. You didn't actually jizz, but it feels like you did. No cleanup needed!
Man, I hate it when I get Phantom Jizz, dude!
by Vandilan June 08, 2015
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When you ejaculate and you feel semen hit a certain part of your body but no matter how much you look, it's not there.
person 1: i swear i just came on my leg bro, but it's not there!
person 2: d-dude... it's a phantom jizz..
by kool_mike November 17, 2017
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