a word Timmy invented while talking to Samantha, meaning, thats dumb, or stupid
Person A: Ill give you a million dollars!
Person B: Pfffff!
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
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a word that also means "I'm a sellout"
Timmy sucks because he wears birkenstox and he says pfffff
by Dick Cox March 28, 2003
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A noise usually made ex rangas who bleach blonde dye their hair. But In all honestly her friends wouldn’t care if she was still a ranga as her close friends or one of her close friend is dating someone of this kind. The noise is usually made in Akward situations or when something is really just not it. It comes out of the mouth In a farting type sound, which may in some occurrences cause spit to form.
Lachlan- * walks into class lookin sexy*

Bleached blonde- * takes one look at his sexiness and PFFFFF! immediately drops books and water bottle like there was no tomorrow*
by Omgbitchessexmewhole April 30, 2020
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