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A person who tries hard, but constantly fails. This person tries his best and copes with the rest. However, the "rest" usually involves failure, disaster, and incompetence. Nevertheless, a pewwy keeps on keepin' on and is always eager and supportive supportive. A pewwy is the quintessential supportive, hard working teammate. Unfortunately, he just sucks at playing.
announcer1: michelle swings hard and hits a huge pop up to the second basemen. she sprints around the bases and makes hustles all the way to third before the ball is caught. why is she doing that?

announcer2: she is just being a pewwy!


Jordan: mikey is playing laser tag. He is army-crawling, hurdling barriers, and diving away from sentinels. However he keeps getting shot and is in last place.

Tuck: haha what a perry! poor guy.
by golden snitch July 15, 2009
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