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Dietary choice to eat vegan (No meat or animal produced products), except for fish and seafood.
My wife is pescavegan, so she eats fish with fried rice with no eggs. Lent diet all year round, Jesus approved.
by JJtheSpartan8 March 24, 2019
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Yes nigga Pescavegan, like Pescatarian but not really...because they eat butter and cheese and milk and shit like that and we dont. We eat fish and bugs. Yulp, really just like honey but I mean pick your poison you know. They treat mammals like shit and the throwing little baby chicks into grinders is fucking gross. Sso yeah i know some of you are mad because this aint politically correct but get over it. Its still an attempt to help our ecosystem, bodies and minds so take that negative high and mighty shit elsewhere. Its all love and we aint perfect, just Pescavegans. And soon... There will be shirts. #official AF. STAY TUNED #Spac3Talks #Youtube #StonerKitchen

-Ridd Spac3L33 PRIME
I'm Pescavegan AF.
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by Ridd Spac3L33 PRIME November 03, 2017
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