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Noun ~ philosophy
A philosophical attitude associated with the existential approach that human suffrage is paramount to the human experience. The perthudasisologibitripitarian is the mascot for those in the pursuit of goals that, though readily obtainable, somehow flitter away before achieving. Generally due to external forces and/or random variables unnoticeable to the intended benefactor before or during said pursuit. It is also notable that these goals, though rarely meet, are generally quite humble by nature and relatively insignificant when compared to other human endeavors so gallantly achieved by non-perthudasisologibitripitarian’s. Example of the latter would be: making it to the store and back without incident with police, muggers, vampires, Dunn & Bradstreet employees, pockets with holes, scammer’s, fueless vehicles, annoying relatives, frequently fretted free-loaders, etc. Though bruised and scarred from their relentless activity in a hostile and indifferent universe, the perthudasisologibitripitarian is resilient by nature and optimistic by choice.

The perthudasisologibitripitarian was dismayed to learn that the ‘spare change’ she shared with the Broadway Extension Beggar also included her house keys and the 1876 silver dollar recently discovered while shoveling rancid sediment from her lovers lavish latrine.

per’ - L. meaning thoroughly, utterly.

‘thud’ - Eng. The sound of ones head hitting walls, wooden planks or any object with little or no recoil.

‘sis’ - Greek. a state of being, condition
ology’ - Ger. A branch of knowledge
‘bi’ - if at first you don’t succeed, try it again.

‘tri’ - o.k., fine. one more time… with great exuberance!
‘pi’ - 3.141592.….. Phuck-it! I’m hammering away until ....
'arian' - advocate of a doctrine or discipline
by Gillypud Daffodil June 25, 2010
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