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The condition of a white person having tanned skin all the year round. There are two forms:
1) Rock star; TV personality; model; other wealthy person to whom an appearance of wellbeing is an inherent part of their lifestyle. Condition obtained by chasing the Summer round the globe. Looks natural.
2) Chav; trailer trash; mediocre prostitute; middle-aged woman who wears leather trousers. Condition obtained through roasting one's skin under a UV lamp. Result looks a bizarre shade of orange and ages the skin prematurely.
Jason "What's that big white ring among the wrinkles on the side of your neck?"
Shaz "Oh shit! I forgot to take my giant hoop earrings off when I was getting my permatan."
by McCririck's unlucky Laundress September 18, 2005
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1. A year round tan. Someone with a year round tan.
2. Abusive Someone who is obviously of hispanic or gitano origin.
1. Tabby has a permatan.
Tabby is a permatan
2. Tabby is a permatan.
by Tabby March 26, 2005
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A permanent tan that is tattoed on
"freddy, hit me with some of that tan spray"

"georgy, just get a permatan dude"
by Dunnyshe August 10, 2017
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