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Permarage: existing in a stage of permanent rage, to be permanantly raging.
This is exclusively associated with the odious bigoted, anti-catholic, sectarian supporters of Glasgow Rangers (known more widely as huns)
The following items are known to bring the permarage that is normally bubbling under the surface of any hun to the fore.
Anything to do with Celtic, Scotlands most celebrated and internationally successful football club.
Ireland, Irish music or culture because of Celtics Irish heritage..
Catholicism: to the point where they took eggs benedict off of the menu at Ibrox when Cardinal Ratzenberger was elected pope and took the name Benedict.
Pepperami (a meat snack): Banned from sale at Ibrox because it is in a green wrapper. Green is the colour most associated with Celtic and Ireland (see above).
There was a serious outbreak of permarage over at Ibrox as Rangers lost to Celtic again.
by Tim Malloy June 16, 2007
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a word made up by the dim witted Celtic supporters to try and undermine Rangers a football team that is conciderably better than the Celtic football team.
They use it to say that we are always raging but it is indeed them that are always seething with temper that if they lose a game they are always saying that it was the referee's fault and he was out to get then.
It has been know for Celtic fans to pay private detectives to follow referes to see where they go and also for the fans to throw bricks through Ref's windows and threaten there family
Haw we can deflect we are bitter by saying rangers are in permarage
by broxibear September 21, 2009
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