buttocks that are primarily tight muscle, incorporating a snapping, crisp movement while walking. the snapping motion lends itself to fantasies of the sex act
she had a perky butt that was excruciating to watch!

a perky butt tends to command attention

how criminal to observe departure of a perky butt
by michael foolsley March 11, 2010
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female; 'perky' butt just starting to get sloppy, the once hypnotic effect now being etched away by human chronological erosion, high fat foods, and/or; lack of exercise, mechanical dependence.

(ie; human physical degradation) a sad state of (human) affairs....-'DEATH! of a 'perky butt'!! (song by 'the Mighty Tits', rock band!)
she looked in the mirror, and now only had 1/2 a perky butt!

i suspected i now had only about 1/2 of a perky butt!!

joe to mo: shes' got 'bout 1/2 a perky butt!
by michael foolsley May 31, 2011
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