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perka-say-WWWHHHAATTT or Perka-city

a small town in PA

home to Landis Supermarkets, Pennridge High school and a lot of covered bridges
Holler, I'm from perkasie... Perka-say-WHHATTT!!!
by Liz and Lauren December 10, 2006
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A small town i bucks county next to Sellersville, an hour north of Philadelphia surrounded by Quakertown to the north, Telford and souderton to the west, Dublin to the southeast, and Doylestown to the South. we're not spoiled and rich like Doylestown, and we only have about 10,000 people. WE have a skate park but most of the kids who use at are doucebags so it's not really fun. the only buisinesses are stores and restaurants. We also have a mcdonalds, dairy queen and ritas all filled with gay kids from the skate park. We have a bunch of chill parks and bike paths and a really small downtown. theres not much crime but if you don't skate theres not much to do and its mostly just houses. Overall its a chill place.
Perkasie is a small suburb of philly with alot of kids and not much to do.
by El Jameso August 05, 2009
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a lame place in pennsylvania, where there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to see.

don't bother going here, it is a waste of time.
Perkasie is a place, where you do nothing, but think of how to get out of there.
by BLAAAAH. December 05, 2010
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A small town in Bucks County, PA where the inhabitants are known as "Perkasites" due to their similarities to Parasites. Most of the people who grow up in Perkasie will never leave. They will hang out at The Olde Towne Tavern, a grungy hole in the wall dive bar where people waste their nights and lives away in night after night or the young ones will just roam the streets aimlessly or loiter in parks and parking lots. Perkasie used to be a quaint, somewhat cute town but these days its filled with heroin shooting, coke snorting, bar flies and it'll stay that way until people realize there is more to the world than this town.
"Wanna go to Perkasie tonight and sit in McDonalds parking lot with our trucks and confederate flags?"

"No, thanks. I'd rather buy some shitty coke and go to the old towne where i can snort lines off the back of a filthy toilet like the rest of the Perkasites."
by outofhere February 09, 2010
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