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One who is suspected to, or does in fact have several penises; more than one penis.
Get your penai out of her ass, she can't take more than 3 at once.


You're such a penai, Bill. I wish you'd grow, not that way Bill...
by Sir William Arsenpuffin April 20, 2003
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Of or relating multiple phallic parts of the body; can be used to describe a someone, something, or a situation.
"Richard is such a dick"
"His family comes from a penail background"

"Oh my god! Go into the boys locker room!"
"i cant im gay"
"i am too there are so many different varieties of penai in there."

During the orgy the woman exclaimed, "I want you to stick you're penai in me and eat mini wheats from my pussy while you close of all holes in my body vanquishing any possibilities to grasp air within my longs while i'm tied down 50 Shades of Grey Style!"
by Socratic Sarcasshole February 26, 2015
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