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Noun. Pronounced: Pee-cho, The word is used to describe a person, place, thing or behavior that speciffically is one or all of the following: Incredibly Cheesey, Corny, Lame, Poser-ish, and trying way to hard to be cool.

See also: poser rod
Dan is such a peecho, he told a girl that she'd been running in his mind all day!

Mike asked a girl if she "come's here often" while he brushed his hand through his hair, what a peecho move!

Mike and Dan decided to buy matching white suits and tight gold necklaces to hit the club in, what peecho's!!

Dan looked like such a peecho last night, he went out wearing a pair of tight stonewash jordache jeans, a tight see-through mesh t-shirt and a white blazer!
by Amin "The Dream" February 01, 2007
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