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A urine-based wetness of the knees and shins caused by pissing into a toilet with too much force and/or at the wrong angle of delivery. Pee knees is a very real danger to anyone who pees while standing, particularly at urinals (which are gross and infrequently flushed). Pee knees is characterized by a smelly wetness of the knees and shins, caused by reflective contact with composite urine that those so afflicted can only hope is mostly of their own making. Common methods for reducing the threat of pee knees include pissing whilst sitting (like a bitch), standing farther away from the toilet itself (best to use both hands here), or simply missing the urinal entirely until you get a handle on your flow (I always sweep in from the left like a boss).
man 1: "excuse me sir, why are you pissing on my boot?"

man 2: "pardon me, graciously, but I do not wish to be stricken with pee knees."
by CainFang June 04, 2012
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