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When someone "has a crush" on someone younger/thinks someone younger than thenselves is hot - this is not the typical 50-year-old man likes 5-year-old girl thing. The word can be used when somebody fancies someone some years younger or when a grown-up or just older person fancies a child star in a movie etc.
"Omg, I totally have a pedocrush on that kid from Charlie and the Chocolate factory!"

"I know he is only 16, but I totally have a pedocrush on him!"
by Flue November 17, 2007
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When someone finds someone a few years younger than themself, usually only 3-5 years however it can be a larger age gap.
Amy: My pedocrush Chris is so adorable
Sarah: that's so innapropriate - he's only 13
Amy: it's fine, he's going to be hot when he's older
by Pedocrusher123 October 18, 2012
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