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used in the context of mary jay smoking sessions. ones 'pe-kit' is the equipment they bring to the party and allow them to play. party attendees that do not bring any pe-kit are referred to as being in their 'pants n socks' and are at the mercy of the smokers as to their smoking allowances.
pe-kit is split into two categories, home-kit and away-kit.
a home-kit is conventional mary-jay smoking supplies, such as mary-jay, tobacco, skins, grinder, roach papers e.t.c. away-kit is defined as "unexpected pleasantries" such as takeaways for example, pizzas preferably. one who brings his away-kit to the game is usually allowed the same smoking priviledges as those who brought their home-kit.
"Adam, Alad & Tim were starving during the session until Junior arrived with his away pe-kit"
by Adam Sambridge November 27, 2006
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