Dude, where's that pizza place Valentino's in Long Beach? Accross from Pep Boys on PCH...
by red stanford March 28, 2003
Post-Cum Head. When a girl continues to suck your dick after you've busted off.
"Kimberly really knows how to give brain... she swallowed AND gave me PCH last night!"
by j. diggs August 5, 2006
PC Hardware, a message board full of Nvidia fanboys on GameFAQs. They know absolutely nothing about computers, but consider themselves geniuses because they can build them. The board is also very easy to troll because of their inflamed egos. Worse than most of the other console hardware boards on GameFAQs.
Dude, that MSL guy just trolled the fuck out of PCH again!
by jealouscougar August 27, 2009
Welcome to the high-school where everyone is related to everyone. Where it's full of black people that think they are the shit and own the place just because it is over populated by them. Where the athletic people suck ass and full of stuck up preps that are nothing but whores, 2 faced, and the fakest girls you'll ever meet. Where they fuck anywhere,drunk/sober, hop dick to dick, and suck so much dick. 99.9% of the girls are loose as fuck and the guys have tiny dicks. Where the girls have fucked/dated guys from each town; New Bern, Havelock, Morehead, New Port, Jones senior, etc. Where you'll see freshman dating seniors. Where you'll get pregnant/abortions before graduating. Oh, full of dumbest drama. Also, the most judgmental teenagers EVER. Let's not forget about the wannabee red necks. Most importantly, 4 years of hell you'll go through.
"Hey I'm planning to go to the PCHS!"
-" Dude, fuck no it's full of stuck up whores, you'll hate it there the first day!"
by cincretedevil January 20, 2012
A private gang in Ahwatukee (AZ) that is commonly known for partying and surfing. Go to Desert Visa High School and have stickers on their trucks.
A group that has numerous branches from them:
Examples: Lucky 7, 06
by PCH May 3, 2005
When you are driving on the Pacific Coast Highway
In jaiden and willow Simths song pch they say PCH cruising
by WherestheAvocados May 9, 2019
1. The act of working on a game for a long time, collecting donations for the game, then proceeding to never work on the game again, and just give up.
2. Person one: "Aye, how's that game going that those people were making"
Person two: "Nah mate, they pulled a PCH on that last week"
Person one: "Sad, it had potential but the owner was incompetent."
Person two: "Yeah, lot of people be pulling a pch lately"

3. PCH = Project cancellation haul
by NuzzIsCool October 7, 2017