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The act of making something look good. Refers to the food network chef, that applies massive amounts of butter to every dish.

Can also mean the suggestion that a female is attractive enough to butter up and "eat out".
"Hey yo I paula deen'd this shit"

"Make sure that shit paula deen, aite"


"Hey you seen dat girl?"

"Yeah I'd paula deen her"

"Yeaaahhhh boi"
by cotit krew December 22, 2011
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an alcoholic drink that is one part whiskey and two parts melted butter.
Joe-Bring out a round of Paula Deen, Y'ALL
Bob-Hell yea I love me some butter!
Joe-No Bob you gonna get diabetes!
by RaGaGa January 31, 2012
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Hey Y'all! Paula here wishing you best dishes from mah kitchen duh'yers. Dudnit sound luuhhhhhhhvley? Paula can commonly be found in her kitchen where she is waiting to persuade her family into having heart attacks. Paula loves making bacon burgers with doughnots instead of buns. She also loves budder. Lots and lots o' budder. When you hear any vocabulary like "Duh'Yers, Y'all, and Dudnit" assume that Paula is near. She enjoys making one of a kind exotic faces when shes having a mild stroke, due to her fried foods. Her favorite son will sure be around when she makes her best dishes. The other son is yet to be seen. Paula's other show "Paula's Party" is just her talking about her "wide figure" to a group of redneck audience.
Paula Deen's recipe for fried budder balls killed my uncle!!!!
by paulasparty123 August 08, 2009
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The most lovely lady one could ever hope to spend time with.
Star of "Paula Deen's home cooking" on the food network.
Mother of two grossies.
Chef who makes tasty treats that are bound to kill your heart.
Paula Deen: Hey y'all, I'm Paula Deen!

Paula Deen: Ahleev Ole!
by Paula Deen August 15, 2006
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