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A creature who is misfit and will rip your soul out of your body if you cross her the wrong way.
If you don't leave me alone I will summon Patrika to come after you.
by Trigga819 November 29, 2014
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a white garbage malr human, most of the tume Lithuanian.

5-7cm penis
no higher than 170cm
is fat like a motherfucking alien spaceship
usually calls himself a girl
says that theres more than 2 genders
is socially awkward
inventor of the "i love you in dinosaur" meme
- Hey look, thats Patrikas!
- Nope, its just an another lesbian white boy.

- I bet Patrikas will suck a dick one day, then say "No homo"
- True.
by iwanttokms May 17, 2018
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