Pash,the above mentioned definition for a passionate kiss, a snog or a french kiss. Coupled with dash, (as in the word run) it is a term used for a moment where one left the scene soon after the pash and did not take things further 'in a physical sense' beyond the pash. A highly useful term to define an evening 'on the pull' in two words.
K: Did you pull last night?
C: Yeah, just a pash and dash.
K: Cool
by Cara April 5, 2005
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the act of mackin it with someone then leaving straight after
'i didnt wanna wait around for repercussions so i did a pash n dash'
by steen tee October 1, 2003
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A fun and entertaining game held often in Australia, usually played by females. Involves drinking a large amount of malt beverage, entering a crowded dance floor, kissing someone (preferably someone with a partner), and leaving through the crowd.
Lets play a game of pash n dash!

Did you see that guy get pash n dashed?
by jayde September 14, 2004
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