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n. a person who's social identity and sole means of recreation is based on partying at the hottest, trendiest clubs relating to 'the scene'. While they exist as both male and female, the female species tends to dominate based on their increased accessibility to free alcohol, VIP invites, premier openings, court side tickets, bottle service, and other unmerited vaginal based gifts. During multiple days of the week, they can be found dancing, drinking and networking (read: meeting strangers to add to their Myspace/Facebook account). Commonly associated with being a slut bag, they are usually adult 'wild childs' raised mainly by single parents possessing similar qualities. Because they live hard and party harder, their defining physical characteristics include: scratchy/horse 'I've been partying all night' Lindsey Lohan type voice; whitened bleached teeth with brown cigarette stains between the individual teeth; dark circles under the eyes; and premature facial wrinkling resulting from alcohol dehydration and overuse of indoor tanning beds. Behavioral identifiers in their native habitat include alcoholic beverage and cigarette bumming moochiness; all of which are necessary means of survival resulting from disposable income that is dedicated to the latest, questionable, attention garnering fashion so as to maintain their faux-socialite image.
When the club lights turned on at the end of the night all the partybotches scampered to the doors like cockroaches and left only a trail of cheap perfume and hairspray to linger in the air. Like trained ants they reconvened in the parking lot where they gathered around the cars and of the cars in the VIP section and made their afterparty plans.
by CGzy January 28, 2010
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