verb. portmanteau of 'partake' and 'toke'.

-to partake in a toke;

-to join others in smoking marijuana.

note: in this usage, root verb 'partake' means to join in an activity or to consume something (or, in this case, both), not to partake in party drugs.
Will you be partoking tonight?

Should I roll another jay? Think she'll wanna partoke?
by tjaad August 5, 2014
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v. to partake in the act of toking (cannabis) during a round of golf. a combination of 'par', 'toke', and 'partake'.
He was playing like shit until partoking at the 8th. (partoke, partokes, partoked, partoker)
by sujay September 15, 2006
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Like partake:
1. To take or have a part or share; participate.
2. To take or be given part or portion: The guests partook of a delicious dinner.

But in the sisutaion of smoking marijuana, pot, weed, skunk, hash, ganja, erb, smoke, grass, buddha etc.
Guy 1: "Hey what are you doing?"
Guy 2: "Smokeing a j. you wanna partoke?"
by DutchPants July 27, 2004
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