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Visitor participation in the continuing upkeep of local parks to keep park entry fees from increasing.
Jill: "What's up with the trash bag?"

Jack: "I thought I'd 'parkticipate' while we take our morning walk at Spring Lake. It's my way of giving back so that park fees stay level.

Jill: "You always do the right thing Jack, and I'm thinking that since this an example sentence for Urban Dictionary, I should probably 'give back', too, by offering you some sort of bizarre sexual favor that will, of course, be described in explicit detail."

Jack: "You're too classy for that Jill. Plus, you don't want to contribute to the devolution of what could have been a smart, bleeding edge, relevant website."

Jill: "True. So, how about handing me a trash bag, and I'll 'parkticipate', too."

Jack: "That's my girl!"
by 'Nuff Said? June 20, 2010
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