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Punctuation that some duh-weebs are starting to include in the spelling of the "words" they define.
Even if some other duh-weeb would bother to look up the definition of your personal name, do you really think he's going to include a parenthetical phrase when he's spelling it?
by Downstrike October 07, 2004
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Half an ounce, usually of marijuana. Derived from the "O" which stands for an Ounce, if taken in half a "(" parenthesis is formed.
"So put the parenthesis here?"
"Aight Thanks"
by ajj0017 December 19, 2014
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things you can add around a number to indicate messages.
Lol who else has (0) in their inbox?

put those fine parentheses around a number like a great big hug. one you're not getting from any of your friends and/or followers/fans.
by v0ld3m0rt December 31, 2010
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