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v. To hide any objects that you don't want your parents to see. Common objects to be hidden are drugs, porn, and condoms. You can parent-proof just about anything that your parents might see. Similar to girlfriend-proof.
I had to parent-proof my room after I bought the Playboy magazines.
by DaylightWaster May 09, 2010
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Verb. to make object or environment relatively mild and acceptable for contact with parents

Adj. acceptable from parents' point of view
My folks are visiting next weekend - I'd better parentproof my apartment .

"Dude, why would you add your mom as a friend on Facebook? Your profile isn't parentproof."
by serrastl October 14, 2009
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When one goes through one's entire house to get rid of any incriminating evidence after a house party, length of time without parents, etc.
I've been watching the house while my parents go on vacation for a week, so it's going to take a while to parent-proof my house. There are Tanqueray bottles in the fridge and Froot Loops all over the floor. I should probably also get the rolling papers out of the living room.
by thenewregime August 05, 2010
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