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At first glance, PPP is indeed "DDR with hands," until you find out exactly what you are supposed to do in the game.

In Parapara Mode, you are to copy exactly what the person on the screen does. It is exactly the same every time, and has several repeated things to do for each individual song, making it a sort of standard dance routine. This is much easier to memorize, since it's not like you have to remember every single arrow; just the dance itself. Once you memorize the song, which is entirely possible, you can set the arrows and on-screen dancer to invisible, and look completely cool doing the routine, AND getting all the arrows correct in the process.

In freestyle mode, the on-screen dancer is still doing the parapara routine, but is not mirrored to you (the camera spins and goes around her constantly). Instead, you are given completely unrelated arrows, so that you are supposed to make up your own routine. Mostly though, people just set it on hard difficulty, and go into what we like to call "Crazy arm-waving mode." This gives PPP a bad name, and is NOT what the game is about.
Para Para Paradise is a test of personal nimbleness and memory, while showing off the same to onlookers.
by Kenthar March 11, 2004
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A game developed by Konami of Japan to mimick the Para Para dancing style. The player swipes their hands under a set of 5 sensors at arrows on the screen. Many people refer to it as Dance Dance Revolution with hands. You'll either love the game or hate it. Many "normal" people believe it to be gay.
"Look at that - a Para Para Paradise machine. Wanna go try it out?"
"Nah - it looks gay."
"*shrug* see ya later."
by Seishi August 06, 2003
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1) The hit series of parapara VHS, DVDs, and VCDs, by Avex Trax Records. The main stars of the ParaPara Paradise series are Richiyo, Satoko, Miho, Ryoko, and Maki. Features hit Eurobeat songs and said women performing the parapara routines to them.

2) The DDR-style video game that came out recently, modeled after the hit Avex Trax series.

3) The superior state of hyper reached by practicing your parapara skills and listening to Eurobeat for hours on end.

All of these are most commonly abbreviated as PPP.
1) Dude, I finally found ParaPara Paradise 1! That means that the collection, 1-7, is COMPLETE!

2) Much to my disappointment, the hand sensors on the ParaPara Paradise game weren't working very well. I got a low score, even though I've been doing this for years.

Girl 2: "What's up with you?"
Girl 2: "Oh, well that explains it..."
by Tsuki Reiko March 04, 2007
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