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a papshmear is what you go to the doctor monthly to have to check if you have cervical cancer cause it is quiet possible to get it when you arre sexually active so if you are not a virgin you should get yourself checked out by the doctor for a papshmear to see if you have got cervical cancer.
i went to have a papshmear the other day and the doctor got the results back and i dont have it.
by ALYSSA DEAKMAN March 21, 2005
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When the mothafuckin doc shuvs a small unbrella up some bitches poonani and opens that shit, and pulls it out, scraping the lining of the vagina.
The doctor exclaimed: "PAPSHMEARS ON THE HOUSE TONIGHT, LADIES", then he knocked out the first bitch he saw and fucked her...POONANI!!
by Sick Ass Mothafucka August 08, 2005
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a gynocological device; or a diss

a bunch got stolen from a hospital in Pittsburgh, so that is reason for a diss.
dude 1: (farts on dude's back)
dude 2: dude y you being such a pap shmear?
by Tex February 22, 2005
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after the gyno gives you a papsmear, he wipes it in your face thus creating a papshmear.
That asshole Joe the Gyno got some papshmear in my nose.
by click January 18, 2003
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