Flashy success or wealth that seems unattainable. Paper as in money that everyone see’s passing by, out of reach.
I’ll keep investing in this, but it’s like chasing paper planes.
by JDamoose January 17, 2020
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The most ANNOYING and OVERPLAYED song I have heard since I was a youngin.

Please, stop playing it and humming along.

And if you know the words, sick, but please. PLEASE keep it to yourself T_T
"I fly like paper, get high like pl--*punched in face*"
That's what happens if you start singing Paper Planes
by Celvy September 12, 2008
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A plane made of paper, mainly made at school from square paper, and throw at teacher an other students for amusement.
student 1: That paper plane was the shit man

student 2:Yeah, was great when it hit miss and she had no idea who it was !
by Jamesyboi August 29, 2008
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Paper planes is a state of being. In reference to the MIA song it is the state of being missing in action, or leaving a place. It can be used both as an action verb and an adjective.
TC: Yo MG hasn't drank with us in a while..
The General: he's paper planes
by ojsnfos August 21, 2010
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