The extra material around the crotch of a pair of pants that bunches up when the wearer sits down, making it seem as if he (or she?) is having an erection.
I wasn't excited, it was the pants tent!
by odesseyandoracle October 6, 2003
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Sometimes pubescent males or transvestites have a certain erotic pleasure which simultaneously inflates the user's drawers. This phenomenon is not rare. Look carefully at your middle school brethren trying to deflate that tent they so often pitch. Unfortunately, women are unable to experience this phenomena unless something has gone terribly wrong. In these cases, the woman has grown a monster cock brought forth by a lack of estrogen or an acute increase in testosterone. Tent Pants is amazing common amongst young Caucasian males who lack a certain place in which they may pitch their tent. This inconvenience can result in torn pants, schizophrenia, nausea, depression, explosive diarrhea, and spontaneous giz sometimes referred to as an 'autogiz'.

look at him, he has tent pants, that horny motherfucker
by stof January 30, 2006
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