a a syrupy mess that is well-worth the five dollars, commonly enjoyed through the mouth or other points of bodily entry; warm, gooey, tasty bliss. Its taste far surpasses any degree of RBV deliciousness.

b the #1 most wonderful, marvelous, loved, cleansed, STD-free, virginal, jew-loving, non-stripping character in all of Auntjemimaville with a winning personality and natural hair
a Alexandria Fife Sneaker: I'm sorry I can't go to your super fun parking lot party this fine morning, my friend. I am far too busy receiving my free panqueques from Jesus Christ. After all, I gave up partying. I only go out in public to IHOP to get a steaming hot panqueque so I can devour its sticky syrup.

Jacques Earnhardt, Jr: Doesn't that get a tad messy?

Alexandria Fife Sneaker: That's the best part. Panqueque syrup all over, oh yum!

b Oh look here comes that panqueque! Curtsy to your panqueque, young lad, or thou shalt be thrown into the chokey!
by shampoobottlesonmylappy November 23, 2009
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Flat booty, expecially a latina or a white girl.
Person 1: Yo did u see that girl walkin down the hallway? She hot but she got a flat booty.

Person 2: Yea you right it panqueques.
by TyRavensOrioles October 18, 2017
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