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a "pancake boob" often refers to the spread of a woman's boobs on her chest when she lies down on her back. The breast spreads towards her sides and up towards her chest flattening out the boob and giving it the appearance of a pancake with a hershey kiss in the middle.
In the opening scene of Wedding Crashers there were so many images of pancake boobs, it was ridiculous!
by dr. J.S.R. Pancakes December 01, 2009
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Spread apart boobs. Not so much big as they are wide. Closer to the armpits than the center of the chest.
Darcey: "My boobs are so big!"
Britney: "No, they're wide. You have fricken pancake boobs."
by Pworldbeotchiecrapface March 01, 2008
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When you eat so many pancakes that you get so full your boobs actually grow bigger.
"Man I ate so many pancakes I think my boobs actually grew a cup size.."

"Yeah, you got some serious pancake boobs happening"

"Hey dude, did Jenny get a boob job?"
"Nah, she just ate a heap of pancakes and now she's got pancake boobs"
by dukeyj December 25, 2011
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