The Pack is a rap group from Berkeley, California. The Pack is 4 guys; Lil Uno, Young L, Young $tunna, and B.
Their nationwide hit song is "Vans" which is about the skate shoes that Mac Dre wore and apparently what 'real niggas wear'. It stresses how you can score ladies and how you can still be a 'G' if you wear slips ons.
If I was hanging out with the pack, I would wear my topsiders to get my grown-man on.

"Got my vans on but they look like sneakas
where coke whites but my vans look cleaner"
by [e.99]Miracle August 23, 2006
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A slang term in Mexico and other countries, to reffer to one or more pictures of a naked person (most commonly kow as nudes), that shws their body parts or their privatr areas.
Hey chiquita, pasame tu pack por mensaje.

Ya vi su pack, sus tetas estan bien ricas.
by JoelPerro March 21, 2018
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Drug dealer slang for 20 dollar bags of coke
i'll be gone till november i got packs to move
by Tonedef1 November 24, 2005
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A term commonly used in Baltimore referring to insulting another person. This is typically used in what one would call a roast battle. Other words that mean the same thing is roast, cut, grill.
"I'm about to pack you, you look like a pretzel without the salt"
'"OH, yo packed the life out of him!"
by Pseudomous Toad March 20, 2017
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Slang term for an insult., noun
Term used to signal the start of a verbal altercation. Ussually initiated by clapping hands together and directing forefingers toward your opponent.
Baltimore Slang term used to define an insult, usually one-up'ed by giving someone "the meal"
Jon:I'm definatly about to pack you up!
by Red171 July 13, 2009
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Striking a brand new pack of cigarettes against the palm in order to compress the tabacco towards the butt in the cigarettes for easy lighting.
What the fuck man, I cant get this fag lit didn't you pack it?
by Ursiruss August 7, 2006
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Verb. Filling the bowl of a pipe with marijuana.
"I got the new bag of pot so you can pack it"
by Monica Catherine Zummer February 16, 2005
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