verb - the action used to move all of the tobacco in a can of dip to one side to increase the ease of getting a quality pinch. Usually makes a snapping noise when the forfinger hits the can. (the noise is not nessisary, but will earn style points.)

Also used to show an acurate portrayal of how much dip you have left in your can.
"I pack a dip so i know exactly how much is left in my can."

"Hey man, Can you pack a dip for me? I need a pinch"
by Zach C April 10, 2007
to pack a fat lip. To take a pinch of smokeless tobacco and wedge inbetween your lip and frontal teeth.
Hey man, wana pack a dip?
by William Annis March 27, 2005
"There is no way I'm kissing you while you're packing a dip."
by Guinnevere November 5, 2008