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(plural p101ers)

1) A disgusting variety of n00b. Often talks about his/her pen0rz and uses the infamous 1337 speak all of the time.

2) A common large bread of internet perverts ranging from 13 year olds who just typed "penis" into google for the first time - to 50 year old pedos who hunt the 13 year olds.

3) Inhabitant of the p101 forums on Govteen.

4) A variety of n00b who is sexually challenged and feels the need to share the fact with the internet.

A p101er is a commonly hated species throughout The Countdown Forum and largely Govteen. They are born into the world on Govteen into p101 not all will survive their first few weeks of Govteen. It isnt uncommon for these "p101ers" to be frozen or even banned before they have even grown to a 100 post smiley. Most will graduate from their n00b class of p101er and grow into respectable people outside p101 and branch out into other forums. But some will remain in p101 getting off over penis threads.

See also p101, pen0r, n00b
Thread: Does any1 want 2 touch my pen0rz?
reply: STFU you stupid p101er noboby wants to touch your penis, go outside and get a girlfriend you stupid n00b.

OMG p101ers have invaded countdown! We must strike back so we dont get infested!
by ScurryInertia September 04, 2005
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