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A place infested with p101ers, it is not a nice place to go. A sub-forum of govteen that stands for puberty 101. Often joked about amongst other members of Govteen, its inhabitants are perverted teens or pedos in search of perverted teens.

Although most members would deny it, most that sign up at govteen started out as a p101er in p101 . They would have to work there way up the chain to gain respect in similar circumstances to a prison bitch would be to a prison. Only few surive their first few months as a p101, most are frozen or banned before gaining a 100+ smiley. Most likley cause of their ban would be from posting a picture of their "pen0r". Many respectable people have come out of p101 but 60% of p101ers will always be p101ers and should be shot on site.
If govteen had an anus it would be p101

Please dont make me go back to p101! I have already been pm'ed to many times about my penis!
by ScurryInertia September 04, 2005
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