'p' is short for 'pure', and pure
is short for pure methamphetamine,
which is a smokable form of speed.
In new zealand it is hard to get cocaine
so people do speed instead. When people
get hooked on 'p' they become a
"p head".
its the next level below the "crack head"
did you hear about that guy that got decapitated
with a samurai sword?

yeah one of those damn p heads went nuts
after playing grand theft auto for 93 hours straight.
by karlos karlito April 13, 2004
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An individual that snorts bleach everyday and jams out to anime hentai openings and janks his crank. He also gets pussy from one of those weeb pillows and also HE HAS to be green.
yo P P Head, get over here!
by asdfghj23456 March 27, 2018
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The logo for the antenna tv company PBS.
Hey do you know P-Head?
Yes, hes from my favorite channel PBS!
by odinhirules May 20, 2021
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