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Owasee is a cool person who makes lots of friends with his funny personality. Although he is not the smartest person, he still makes you feel smart, which shows how amazing he is with his delicate words. Owasee will make a great drug dealer due to his extensive knowledge in Science. Owasees tend to be amazing at history because they just love communism and dictators. They are extremely manly, since they tend to have lots of chest hair, but they have surprisingly high voice for their hair. Owasees are cool friends but they do not have much friends themselves, especially really close friends, only small friends which they talk to in school or work. They usually have brothers due to their general Asian/Bangladeshi background, which are stereotypically males. Owasees have surprising big penises despite their high voices. Owasees NEVER understand what you are talking about, so they just answer randomly.
Hot Girl: Hey do you wanna go back to your place
Owasee: Yeah my mum likes communism too, plus she’s really nice.p
*Hot girl dumps Owasee*

Wow you are such an owasee

He’s more of an owasee type
Wow you do drugs like owasee
Wow I have never seen you do that like an owasee
by OwaseeLover69 July 06, 2018
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Owasee is a extremely sensitive person and everyone loves him because he makes lots of eDgY jokes. Even though there are not many Owasee’s in this world he still believes in communism. An all round questionable character which many like to chat to about his communism manifestos and other topics like that. All the girls love him because of his unusual humour. 1/52 know an Owasee.
Owasee: What lesson do we have?
Girl: History
Owasee: Yay communism
by dannydyerlover July 06, 2018
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