When a man is with a woman well out of his league he has "over-chicked."
Upon seeing their friend with a perfect 10 chick the guys say, "Man, Henry really over-chicked with his new woman."
by Becks and Fede October 18, 2007
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When all a girl cares about is dick. She will even backstab her 'friends' just to get it. Therefore these girls don't have female friends. Because they chose dicks over chicks.
"Britney says she doesn't have girlfriends because they are too much drama, and that shes a guys girl. But in reality, its because shes a home wrecking whore that chooses dicks over chicks."
by mmddyy May 26, 2014
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The female equivalent to the male saying "bros over hos." It means to put your ladies first, then your male partners second.
Girl one : You wanna party tonight ?
Girl two : I made plans with the bf, but hey, chicks over dicks, right ?
by Chiggx January 07, 2008
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