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A sarcastic term for a female who THINKS she is an 'over achiever' but isn't at all.

An ovarychiever is an average (feminist minded) female that deludes herself into thinking that her dead end job and social (media) status is more valuable than the fertility window of her ovaries. Ovarychievers are the women who will end up (or already are) alone and/or childless after they have hit the wall, become infertile and their ovaries have dried up because of their own rampant narcissism and selfishness in their prime fertility years. Ovarychievers often have some of the following characteristics:

- They don't appreciate or make time for their boyfriends
- They cram 'planned and structured' social events into every spare moment (girls nights, pilates, book clubs, quiz nights)
- They are always 'like super busy'(even if they aren't that busy and just watching chick flicks in bed)
- They treat dead end jobs like careers.

- Delusions of grandeur

- Destination addiction

- The belief they can have 'it all'
- Lack general skills (cooking, cleaning, hygiene)

- Social media (attention) addiction

- Narcissism
This girl I'm dating acts like shes always super busy and important, but only studies part time and works 10 hours a week as a waiter. Her friends from work are feminists and seem to be changing her alot. She cancelled our plan to go away Saturday night to work a 3 hour shift. She acts like I'm worthless and her time is more important than mine even though I'm a Doctor. She's Such an ovarychiever. I think I need to stop seeing her.
by Investig8or February 20, 2017
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