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A descriptive term indicating that someone is so attractive or hot, or that something is so extremely pleasurable that it causes a woman to produce so much estrogen her ovaries explode.
Girl A: Wow. Channing Tatum is going to be in a boxing movie.
Girl B: That means he'll be shirtless, sweaty and aggressive.
Girl A: I think my ovaries just exploded.

Girl C: We're having a Star Wars marathon this weekend, are you coming?
Girl D: Oh yes, that's definitely worth an ovary explosion.
by Voxy_ September 29, 2009
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when someone is SO attractively perfect that a female's ovaries simply explode. Like feels to a whole new level!
Friend 1: I actually felt your ovaries explode when Mike started singing
Friend 2: Like... asdfghjkl
Friend 1: I know, I sensed your ovary explosion
by da ginger May 18, 2013
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