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Person who goes to school or work even though he or she is sick. This person spreads germs and eventually makes everyone else in the class or office sick.
"Did you know Janice is here even though she has a fever of 103? Don't get too close to the outbreak monkey!"

"Stay home when you're sick. No one likes an outbreak monkey."
by Jaundiced Eye August 29, 2007
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A person in your living area or workplace who, due to either having constant contact with children or a weak immune system, always seems to be sick with the cold or flu. Named so after the movie entitled "Outbreak" starring Oscar-winner Dustin Hoffman whereby a Capuchin monkey carries a fatal disease that he passes on to a human, endangering all of humanity in the process.

Usually, an outbreak monkey is someone who works with and/or has their own young children ( esp. a teacher and/or mom. A mom who works as a teacher could be considered a "double" oubreak monkey).

An outbreak monkey can also be a young person who would otherwise be healthy but refuses to rest/stop partying, thereby weakening their own immune system and causing them to catch and bring back any cold/flu circulating that season. College dorms are famous for housing multiple outbreak monkeys at one time.

It has also been argued that young children could be considered outbreak monkeys in their own right but this is subject to ongoing debate.

Another common feature of anoutbreak monkey is that they are "used" to being sick often and therefore do not take the necessary precautions to ensure that others do not become sick. To an outbreak monkey sickness is a way of life. They are sick so often that staying home from school/work every time they were sick would cause them to get fired/fail. As such, they often come to school/work in various stages of illness only to infect others, thereby living up to the true title of "Outbreak Monkey".
I can't believe Michelle showed up to the Christmas party with the flu. She is such an outbreak monkey. Now we are all going to get sick.

F*cking outbreak monkey, Eddie, got us all sick again before finals week.
by alicia s. April 26, 2008
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Term given to people who have had a 'few' experiences with the other sex and have gained souvenirs to prove it.
Dude, Alex is our little outbreak monkey
by KGizzle October 05, 2004
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