A ouiaboo (pronounced weeaboo is a non-French person who is obsessed with French culture. Similar to a weeaboo.
Person 1: Oui oui, I just love french culture, so much better than our stupid American merde.

Person 2: Ouiaboo
by pizza-eating_newfie August 29, 2014
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A term for fans of Anime-inspired, French-produced cartoons like 'Ōban Star-Racers' and 'Wakfu'. A pun based on the word, and pronounced exactly like, weeaboo, and the spelling of the French would for "Yes", "oui", which is pronounced "wee".
"Wakfu. Ouiaboo MMORPG spinoff. /rs/ has subbed episodes, as does The Pirate Bay." - Anonymous on /co/, 4Chan.
by OuiabooAnonymous December 07, 2008
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A person with an obsession with romanticized French culture, especially Paris. They order their Starbucks drinks with a French accents, and only wear striped shirts.
“Susan changed her name to Yvonne. She’s such a Ouiaboo.”

Ouiaboo: “I wish America was as sophisticated as France.”
by Donteggmyhouse April 16, 2019
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Like a weeaboo (or teaboo), but fetishizing French culture rather than Japanese culture. The person in question will praise French cuisine and wine, movies and music (even if they only know Amelie and Edith Piaf), language, and will think that Paris is the best and French people are the most romantic. A more insulting way to say francophile.
Person 1: Have you heard that Becky bought an accordion?
Person 2: Yeah, she saw Amelie and now she wants to speak French and to move to Paris.
Person 1: She's such a ouiaboo!
by thehawkeye September 21, 2017
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