Originally an insult in japanese meaning "someone who stays inside their house because they are a fucking loser".
In the magnificent country of eagles, mcdonalds and freedom (as they say), this word is used by their most hated spieces, the weaboo.
They are the same people that call themselves nerds because they think it makes them look like some kind of a cool guy/gal, but only with japanese cartoons that feature little girls with tits the size of a skyscrapper.
Poor guys, have to deal with these creatures...
by Densest April 23, 2017
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"Hey I am an otaku."
"Are you japanese?"
"You are a weaboo."
by DenisTheDestroyer November 27, 2018
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An anime-addicted, lock-in introvert that calls itself an otaku to feel cool. Beware though, for if they start talking about their favorite lolis, you have 10 seconds before your soul is drained. 40% chance of being in high school and a 99.9% chance of having a body pillow with an unexplained, moist hole torn in the back of it.
"Dude, did you stay up all night watching anime?!"
by Otaku-OG March 8, 2019
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Otaku is a person who watches anime and enjoys watching it.
X - Hey, you watch anime right?
Y - Yes!
X - What was that term in Japanese for a person who watches anime?
Y - Otaku!
X - Oh, so you're an Otaku?
Y - Correct!
by sefunight September 19, 2022
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Someone who doesn’t shower and gives off a horrible smell

Someone who doesn’t put on deodorant
“Bro, I sat behind a dude in my last class that smelled like an otaku. It was the worst”

Please take a shower, or put on deodorant so you won’t smell like an otaku.
by bruh2100 October 22, 2019
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