Largest anime convention on the East Coast of the USA. Known for its annual expansion to engulf the entire Baltimore City Convention Center. Also known for batshit crazy lines and the large volume of cosplayers and other curious types who invade the city and amuse and/or terrify residents and eat all the food at the nearest fast food joints.

Lasts three days in July or August and is usually followed up by exhausted and giddy blog posts. Notable events at the 'kon are the anime music videos, the masquerade, the rave, and in recent years concerts held by Japanese musicians such as L'Arc~en~Ciel.
Otaku A: OMG did you see the line for the Laruku concert? It wrapped around entire city blocks!
Otaku B: No I didn't see it... I was IN IT. >:O
by Firebottle December 13, 2004
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Referred to on its website as "the convention of the otaku generation," Otakon began in 1994 as a small covention in PA. Today it calls both the Baltimore Convention Center and 1st Mariner Arena home for one hot summer weekend. It is now the largest anime convention on the east coast, and the second largest in the country. Otakon attracts visitors from around the country and guests from halfway around the world.
Whatever you do, don't go to Glomp Alley...
by RandomSegaFanboy May 1, 2005
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