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Osvaldas is a lithuanian word to describe someone who lacks confidence.
Look at that guy he acts like a real Osvaldas
by Gaylord96 July 07, 2018
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Osvalda is a thicc with two c’s bitch with long brown hair and nice ass eyebrows. she tends to be albanian or greek..or maybe both, but you can say for sure she’s got that european bad ass bitch mentality and won’t take shit from anyone. She usually speaks in many ways of tongue so don’t try her unless you’re tryna get slapped in three different languages. her jawline can cut her ex mans dick off with no mercy. Not only is she beautiful and would get smash over pass every time, but she’ll make you fall in love with it faster than A Boogie. beware of this petty, bad bitch, albanian that slays. she’ll eat your heart out
Damnnn...look bro, it’s Osvalda with the phattyyyy”

“Who’s that foreign girl from Astoria..?”
“Bro that’s Osvalda...She type thicccc
by badgaljuju May 01, 2018
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