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noun./verb./adj.: ostrich fucked- when a guy (or a woman with a dildo) sticks their dick in sand and then rails right into a girls vagina or ass without warning
Damn, she was a bitch so i ostrich fucked her!

My boss gave up my shift to the dumb broad with no experience! He ostrich fucked me royally!
by deekay313 January 01, 2014
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When one is having sex with a woman from behind. At the point of orgasm, you then grab the woman by the hair and push her head through the sheet rock of the wall. This act causes the woman to tense up increasing the vaginal tightness.
I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me so I ostritch fucked the bitch.
by Shamus November 05, 2004
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this is when you sucker punch your girlfriend in the face and then dig a hole; put her face in it and fuck her from behind.
she slept like a baby when i ostich fucked her last night.
by stephanie mctaggart April 21, 2003
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