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The most amazing guy in the world. He has a cute smile and a great personality. He's shy, but that's what makes him so adorable. There's no other guy in the world that is as amazing as him. He's the most amazing boyfriend if you are able to be with him. Did I mention he's great in bed? haha

Everyone likes him and any girl would be lucky to have him. If you don't like him than you deserve to die. (:
cute adorable amazing sexy babe osiel
by babyboobae April 12, 2014
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Osiel is a type of boy kid that is kind, funny, loving, caring, understanding, cute, and smart. They are amazingly sweet and romantic towards their significant other. If you are lucky enough to have an osiel for your boyfriend, don't let him go.
Girl 1: what's your boyfriends name?
Girl 2: osiel, he's really sweet :)
by Gpigss107 May 09, 2017
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An asshole who only cares about himself and his looks. He'll fuck with your heart and lead you on. He's lame asf and has no real friends. He may appear nice and caring but it's all facade. Don't fall for his shit because he's not worth your time.
by MachoTaco77 May 11, 2017
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