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A term said when watching an event of destruction that could harm you or others take place. Such as a car crash or Jaws swimming toward you. Usually is said before one turns 180 degrees and runs like hell Is pronounced faster than "oh shit."
Shawn> "Were you that guy making out with Casey in the school parking lot today?"

Jacob> "Yah she's totally into me. I'll be done with her in a couple of weeks then you can have a turn."

Shawn> "I'm her ex."

Jacob> "oshit"
by DisneyPrincessToothbrush February 07, 2008
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a phrase one uses when one is suprised by something and/or learns/realizes something new that is unexpected. Also used to express oneself during sex.
o shit, what the fuck was that?

o shit, i didn't know she was pregnant.

o shit...oh shit...etc.
by m-t-a July 01, 2006
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when you see a girl from far away and think she looks fine but then as she gets closer she looks like a gremlin
Logan- "OOOOOO look at that bitch!"
Cody- "hold up shes gettin closer"
logan- "SHIT shes ugly as fuck!"
Cody- "O shit we gotta go man"
by OnlyRiDeN24's October 12, 2006
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O shit is pretty much the same as saying shit, but it is like realizng something thats bad, and then saying, O, SHIT!!!
O shit, I got my gf pregnant!
by Bluestrike February 13, 2010
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1. the expression most often used after receiving sexual gratification by a big booty bitch. 2. phrase used while blowin ur load
"o shit u suck a mean dick, o shit o shit.
"o shit sorry "
"o shit that was great"
"o shit i didn't mean to give u that zombie"
by me March 13, 2003
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