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five guys stand over a girl and shave their pubes so they fall on the girl's face and then the guys cum all over her face so it looks like an oreo blizzard.
Mikehey have you given anyone an oreo blizzard yet?
Millimeter Matt yeah me and my buddies got this asian real good.
by theonewhocries December 29, 2009
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the collected facial and body ejaculations left by a group of black men on a white girl after a gangbang orgy. The girl will often be seen swirling the facial leavings with her tongue.
Those last three brothers unloaded on her face, and now she's eating the oreo blizzard.
by FatHatter February 03, 2008
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A massive sex orgy of blacks and whites taken place in the cold Canadian North-West
Man, that Oreo Blizzard last night was fucking cold. But so hot at the same time.
by GasTheFuckingJews May 03, 2018
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