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A garbage queen who "eats trash, and dies fast."

Usually goes out at night or rarely at all like your regular vampire. May actually be well on their way to becoming a vampire, known for their pale skin, strange fashion sense (socks they've been wearing for 3 weeks and stained shirt, most-likely) cold hands, and sunken-in eyes.

Kinda a flaky friend but overall has a good heart and can be a soft n lovely person, under their matted hair and Ashtray/Doritos/febreeze stench.

Might sleep so long and hard they appear to be dead, and are known to sleep in unconventional places, such as the library, the closet, the bathtub, the park, the middle of the living room floor, the side of the road, or the gas station. Practically anywhere but their own bed, in most cases.

Creative and resourceful people, they often make forts or castles to live in out of the supplies they have at home, when they are unwilling to go out, and can live off of minimal, old, or junky food.

Probably actually a real-life goblin, but don't pry.

Usually friends with vampires and raccoon people, who have a bit more dignity.
"I haven't left my house in 19 days. I've forgotten what sunlight feels like, and I've made a fort out of my own garbage and pillows. A castle, even, if I add the empty cans I've been collecting. I'm living as the opossum people do. A giant , rat-like queen. Are you proud of me yet mum?"
"where's Marcie? I haven't seen her in a while. " "Oh, she's busy being an opossum person, sleeping out the days and cultivating her dust-bunny collection"
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by A ghost, probably May 27, 2018
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