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when you hurt yourself and you are about to scream something "oh ya fucking bastard" or something but youve learned to stop yourself and just say "oooya"
tim falls out the tree and hits the branch below and then the ground. He touches the place that he hurts and instead of cursing at the branch says "oooya"
by icy cold chic May 27, 2005
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what you say when you have not actual response to a question, when you don't know what someone is talking about but don't want to look stupid, or when you want people to think you are paying attention when you're really not giving a shit.
Also can be used, when you just don't know what to say. Additionally used to fill between other words in a sentence. kinda like "dude", "hey", and "yea"
Colin : Hey Alfredo... ha ha, you wanna Bone??
Alfredo : Oooya... uhhh.... what?

Mikey : I'm nakid!
Roxanne : Oooya...

Roxanne : Hey Colin! You wanna Bone it!?
Colin: Oooya, only if you pretend you'r Alfredo, and let my jizz it in your bunghole!
by roxanne February 08, 2005
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