Hey there my little oomf.”

“Oh god… he called me his oomf.”

“That means ur his sex slave lol.”
by Ganyu August 22, 2021
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Acronym for:

“One of my friends,” “one of my followers,” “online-only mutual follower,” or “online-only mutual friend.”

Meaning on Twitter, or other platforms, you’ve got someone whom mutually associates or follows you
Oomf posted some cringe earlier, probably going to mute them for awhile
by _Tic-Tac_96 August 6, 2022
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“One of my friends” or, more recently from Twitter,” both “online-only mutual friend/follower” and “one of my (mutual) followers.”
Oomf keeps being annoying today, might need to mute them for awhile
by _Tic-Tac_96 August 6, 2022
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oomf is a word used on twitter that stands for one of my followers
oomf said I look great today!

I love oomf
by jaelaoutdid August 9, 2021
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1. Engaging in sexual intercourse (or coitus rather) with your Twitter follower(s).

2. Having sex with one (or more) of your Twitter followers.
Mtho is always oomfing but he denies being a fortunate nigga.
by Twitter clan October 10, 2014
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A groupchat that happens to be the best and funniest groupchat on stan Twitter, commonly known for ending other stans on Twitter dot com, as well as being the most payola heavy groupchat whose members cannot unflop without the help of akaashipayola. The groupchat is also known for the constant fights and disagreements that occur between the members who just so happen to hate each other's faves since half of the members are multis.
Example 1:
Person 1: "Leo and Aki won't stop spamming Lana lyrics in Oomfs I Wanna Marry Groupchat"
Person 2: "Because of them I'm literally starting to hate lana..."

Example 2:
Person 1: "Oiwmgc members are fighting again today, I can't believe this..."
Person 2: "Oh, it must be Azure, Leo, or Bobo...We are tired."

Example 3:
Person 1: "Someone PLEASE tell Moon and Maryam to stop asking for payola."

Example 4:
Person 1: "Azure just said he changed his stanlist... AGAIN."
Person 2: "His arianator phase will only last 2 weeks I think. His jensetter, carat, and nctzen phases didn't last long💀"
by oiwmgc January 18, 2022
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